USGS 08203450 Leona Rv at CR 429A nr Uvalde, TX


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Rainfall Disclaimer

Channel conditions are dry at present stage of 5.0 ft. However, due to atmospheric pressure differentials recorded by the electronic stage sensing device, oscillation of stage does not reflect actual changing water stage values. This condition is normal during dry channel conditions. The pressure transducer stage sensing device is at a fixed position of about 0.6 ft above the channel bed.

This station managed by the San Antonio Field Unit.

Available Parameters Available Period
2024-01-20  2024-05-19
2019-04-12  2024-05-19
2008-09-25  2024-05-19


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Precipitation, total, inches

Most recent instantaneous value: 0.00 05-19-2024   17:15 CDT
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