USGS 08474320 North Main Drain at Ostos Rd, Brownsville, TX


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The elevation of this station has been determined to be .14 feet above NAVD 1988. To obtain stream water-surface elevation values in NAVD 1988 add .14 feet to gage height values.

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City of Brownsville, TX

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This station managed by the San Antonio Field Unit.

Available Parameters Available Period
2022-09-20  2023-07-11
2024-01-22  2024-05-21
2022-08-04  2024-05-21
2022-09-20  2023-07-11
2022-09-20  2023-07-11
2022-09-20  2023-07-11


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Precipitation, total, inches

Most recent instantaneous value: 0.00 05-21-2024   08:00 CDT
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