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USGS Water Data for Washington

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Sites with real-time or recent surface-water, groundwater,or water-quality data.
Descriptive site information for all sites with links to all available water data for individual sites.
Map of all sites with links to all available water data for individual sites.

Frequent Searches By Data Category
Water flow and levels in streams and lakes.
Water levels in wells.
Chemical and physical data for streams, lakes, springs, wells and other sites.
Water use information.

These pages provide access to water resources data collected in the State of Washington which are part of the continuing work to assess the water resources of the State with the support of many cooperators. This data are provided for the use of the many federal, state and local agencies, Tribal Nations, organizations, water and power utilities, companies and the public with interests in the water resources in Washington.

These pages include ground water and surface water data - and the associated water-quality data with those sites, meteorological data, and site information. These data are normally published in Annual Data Reports, but can be published in investigative reports. Additional information is available from the Web pages of the Washington Water Science Center.

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