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*** The Kansas Water Science Center has transitioned to a new data management software package. While you may not have noticed this transition, some sites may have problems or delays in being updated. We are actively monitoring these conditions and are resolving them as quickly as possible. See the Dec 8 news entry for more information at: https://help.waterdata.usgs.gov/news
Historic (pre-2007) gage-height data may contain erroneous values, such as pressure sensors encased in ice, even if they are flagged as approved. These data are made available to the public, but data users are cautioned to carefully screen the data and contact the USGS Kansas Water Science Center if they have questions or concerns about specific values.

** During winter months the realtime streamflow displayed may not reflect the true discharge for periods when ice forms in the stream. When ice forms, the river cross-section is constricted and produces a higher river stage for any given amount of discharge that exists during ice-free periods. This condition is known as backwater. Although accurate themselves, the river stages can no longer be used to accurately and directly compute discharge from the rating curve (which relates stage to discharge) because the amount of backwater varies with time, temperature, and other factors. More complex procedures that require the use of meteorological and hydrological data from other stations in the area must be used to determine discharge at the affected stations. Unfortunately, these more complex procedures cannot yet be applied in real time. Additional, ice forming in the channel can result in erroneous readings as the instrumentation in the stream is adversely affected by the ice generally resulting in an erroneously higher stage reading. While every attempt is made to screen erroneous data from the realtime display, this data is considered provisional and should be used with caution.

Current Conditions for Kansas: Groundwater -- 16 site(s) found


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Station name Date/Time Ground-
Group Ellis County
384226099203801 15S 18W 32ACA 01 SCHOENCHEN WELL T-19  03/21 19:15 CDT 1,909.22 -- 
384242099165201 15S 18W 25CCC 01 SCHOENCHEN WELL T-23  03/21 19:15 CDT 1,883.99 -- 
384253099180701 15S 18W 27DDA 01 SCHOENCHEN WELL T-17  03/21 18:45 CDT 1,890.22 -- 
384253099185201 15S 18W 27CDB 01 SCHOENCHEN WELL T-13  03/21 18:30 CDT 1,895.95 -- 
384259099195801 15S 18W 28CAC 01 SCHOENCHEN WELL T-11  03/21 18:30 CDT 1,902.24 -- 
Group Hamilton County
375936102023901 24S 43W 04CBB 01 CO-KS STATELINE, 2.5 MI S, ARK R  03/21 19:15 CDT -- 3,340.33 
375955102023701 24S 43W 04BBC 01 CO-KS STATELINE, 2.1 MI S, ARK R  03/21 19:15 CDT -- 3,341.27 
380117102023801 23S 43W 28CBB 01 CO-KS STATELINE, 0.5 MI S, ARK R  03/21 18:30 CDT -- 3,346.56 
Group Nemaha County
395649095530101 01S 14E 19DADD01 SITE 19-3  03/21 19:00 CDT -- 1,343.73 
Group Riley County
390601096433801 RILEY CF97-401 11S 06E 14AABD01  03/21 19:00 CDT 1,030.33 -- 
390644096430201 RILEY CF99-901 11S 06E 12BDAB01  03/21 18:00 CDT 1,035.17 -- 
390644096430202 RILEY CF99-903 11S 06E 12BDAB02  03/21 18:00 CDT 1,029.24 -- 
390823096455101 RILEY OB05-15 10S 06E 33ACCD01  03/21 18:00 CDT -- 1,133.93 
390828096454706 RILEY OB97-07 10S 06E 33ACAC06  03/21 19:00 CDT 1,144.57 -- 
Group Sedgwick County
375259097252901 25S 01W 15BBBA01 SEDGWICK WELL  03/21 19:15 CDT 1,344.63 -- 
375327097285401 25S 01W 07BCCC01 SMW-S11 NR CW36  03/21 18:00 CDT -- 1,365.00 

Data status codes:
  --     Parameter not determined