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  • Notice - The USGS Water Resources Mission Area's priority is to maintain the safety and well-being of our communities, including providing critical situational awareness in times of flooding in all 50 U.S. states and additional territories. Our hydrologic monitoring stations continue to send data in near real-time to NWISWeb, and we are continuing critical water monitoring activities to protect life and property on a case-by-case basis. The health and safety of the public and our employees are our highest priorities, and we continue to follow guidance from the White House, the CDC, and state and local authorities.

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Streamflow Measurements for the Nation

USGS 08165712 Fessenden Br nr Mountain Home, TX

Kerr County, Texas
Hydrologic Unit Code 12100201
Latitude  30°09'28.08", Longitude  99°20'41.64" NAD83
Drainage area 8.50  square miles
Contributing drainage area 8.50  square miles
Gage datum 1,857 feet above NAVD88
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  Date       Time Time
  Who Measuring
  Control Flow
722017-08-01 13:12CDTYesCAHUSGS4.23 Fair NONE
712017-08-01 12:50CDTYesCAHUSGS4.21 Fair NONE
702017-04-25 14:43:30CDTYesCAHUSGS5.00 Fair NONE
692017-04-25 14:19CDTYesCAHUSGS5.07 Fair NONE
682017-01-24 13:31CSTYesCAHUSGS5.22 Fair NONE
672017-01-24 13:05CSTYesCAHUSGS5.33 Fair NONE
662016-10-25 11:48CDTYesCAHUSGS5.37 FairDebrisLightNONE
652016-10-25 11:25:30CDTYesCAHUSGS5.22 FairDebrisLightNONE
642016-07-19 17:47CDTYesCAHUSGS11.1 Fair NONE
632016-07-19 17:18:30CDTYesCAHUSGS12.4 Fair NONE
622016-05-06 10:25:30CDTYesCAHUSGS4.84 Fair NONE
612016-05-06 09:58:30CDTYesCAHUSGS4.80 Fair NONE
602016-01-28 14:18:30CSTYesCAHUSGS4.66 Fair NONE
592016-01-28 13:51:30CSTYesCAHUSGS4.74 Fair NONE
582015-10-20 13:30:30CDTYesCAHUSGS4.61 Fair NONE
572015-10-20 13:04CDTYesCAHUSGS4.48 Fair NONE
562015-08-18 12:28:30CDTYesCAHUSGS4.60 Fair NONE
552015-08-18 12:03CDTYesCAHUSGS4.72 Fair NONE
542015-07-08 10:28:30CDTYesCAHUSGS5.42 FairDebrisLightNONE
532015-07-08 10:00:30CDTYesCAHUSGS5.63 FairDebrisLightNONE
522015-02-19 10:54CSTYesCAHUSGS4.18 FairVegetationModerateNONE
512015-02-19 10:27CSTYesCAHUSGS4.27 FairVegetationModerateNONE
492014-11-19 16:30CSTYesCAHUSGS4.50 FairDebrisLightNONE
502014-11-19 16:26CSTYesCAHUSGS4.41 FairDebrisLightNONE
482014-09-02 17:32CDTYesBLPUSGS4.33 0.000.50Good NONE
472014-09-02 17:01:30CDTYesBLPUSGS4.22 0.000.50Good NONE
462014-06-11 17:09:30CDTYesBLPUSGS4.61 Fair NONE
452014-06-11 16:45CDTYesBLPUSGS4.67 Fair NONE
442014-02-11 17:27CSTYesBLPUSGS3.86 Good NONE
432014-02-11 17:01:30CSTYesBLPUSGS3.82 Good NONE
422013-11-14 14:21CSTYesBLPUSGS4.80 Good NONE
412013-11-14 13:41:30CSTYesBLPUSGS4.68 Fair NONE
402013-08-21 11:41:30CDTYesBLPUSGS4.43 0.000.50GoodClearNONE
392013-08-21 11:05:30CDTYesBLPUSGS4.38 0.000.50GoodClearNONE
382013-06-14 11:47CDTYesBLPUSGS4.58 Good NONE
372013-06-14 11:17CDTYesBLPUSGS4.66 Good NONE
362013-03-20 12:48CDTYesBLPUSGS4.15 Good NONE
352013-03-20 12:18CDTYesBLPUSGS4.06 Good NONE
342012-12-04 11:00CSTYesBLPUSGS5.11 Fair NONE
332012-12-04 10:14CSTYesBLPUSGS5.02 Fair NONE
322012-09-05 11:55CDTYesBLPUSGS4.85 Good NONE
312012-09-05 11:19CDTYesBLPUSGS4.82 Good NONE
302012-07-16 16:40CDTYesBLPUSGS5.03 Good NONE
292012-07-16 16:06CDTYesBLPUSGS5.05 Fair NONE
282012-03-07 13:18CSTYesBLPUSGS5.09 Fair NONE
272012-03-07 12:41CSTYesBLPUSGS4.88 Fair NONE
262011-11-22 14:26CSTYesBLPUSGS5.52 Fair NONE
252011-11-22 13:49CSTYesBLPUSGS5.79 Fair NONE
242011-08-16 18:03CDTYesBLPUSGS1.77 Fair NONE
232011-08-16 17:30CDTYesBLPUSGS1.89 Fair NONE
222011-06-30 11:25CDTYesBLPUSGS4.85 Fair NONE
212011-06-30 10:50CDTYesBLPUSGS5.09 Fair NONE
202011-05-05 10:46CDTYesBLPUSGS5.12 Fair NONE
192011-05-05 10:17CDTYesBLPUSGS5.16 Fair NONE
182011-02-09 17:23CSTYesBLPUSGS5.37 Fair NONE
172011-02-09 16:50CSTYesBLPUSGS5.43 Fair NONE
162010-11-17 18:58CSTYesBLPUSGS5.75 Good NONE
152010-11-17 18:31CSTYesBLPUSGS5.63 Good NONE
142010-08-26 16:23CDTYesBLPUSGS5.88 Good NONE
132010-08-26 15:50CDTYesBLPUSGS5.98 Good NONE
122010-05-12 16:10CDTYesBLPUSGS9.77 Good NONE
112010-05-12 15:30CDTYesBLPUSGS9.66 Good NONE
102010-03-04 12:15CSTYesBLPUSGS6.80 Good NONE
92009-11-19 14:25CSTYesBLPUSGS5.91 Good NONE
82009-08-20 16:30CDTYesBLPUSGS5.21 Good NONE
72009-06-04 13:00CDTYesBLPUSGS5.77 Good NONE
62009-02-18 10:15CSTYesBLPUSGS1.09 Good NONE
52008-11-18 10:06CSTYesBLPetriUSGS5.59 FairClearNONE
42008-09-23 09:20CDTYesBLPetriUSGS5.71 FairClearNONE
32008-07-16 19:55CDTYesBLPetriUSGS5.76 FairClearNONE
22008-04-07 15:52CDTYesBLPetriUSGS7.14 Fair NONE
12008-01-16 16:34CSTYesBLPetriUSGS7.67 Fair NONE